Wine List

Wine List

The Locals

We proudly feature two of our award winning local vintners for your tasting pleasure.

Mount Nittany Vineyard & Winery

Dedicated to crafting exceptional wines from their mountain side location in the heart of central Pa.

Seven Mountains Wine Cellars

Creating exciting, new, and different wines driven by their traits of passion, perfection, and persistence.


Sweet Wines

Tickled Pink                                                       7.50        27.00

  Seven Mountains; three blended Labrusca grapes with 

  cotton candy finish                           

Moscato                                                              8.50        32.00

  Mount Nittany; lush sweet wine with apricot, peach and

  pear flavors                        

Red Wines

Mount Nittany Merlot                                  8.50        32.00

  Gentle tannins, soft edges with lush berry flavors       

Seven Mountains Blackberry Merlot      8.50        32.00

  Full bodied, rich and fruit forward                                  



House Selections                                            7.00

For the casual, refreshing, and relaxed glass, these wines stand alone or pair with any dining  experience.

Whites                               Blush                                     Reds

Chardonnay                     White Zinfandel                   Cabernet

Pinot Grigio                                                                       Merlot