Wine List

Wine List

The Locals

We proudly feature two of our award winning local vintners for your tasting pleasure.

Mount Nittany Vineyard & Winery

Dedicated to crafting exceptional wines from their mountain side location in the heart of central Pa.

Seven Mountains Wine Cellars

Creating exciting, new, and different wines driven by their traits of passion, perfection, and persistence.


The best way to try our wines, is to come enjoy a trip to The View.

         Wine Flights available.      

Sweet & White Wines

Woodbridge, Sauvignon Blanc

Smooth Red Berries, Light sweetness

Villa Pozzi, Moscato

Sweet and Fizzy, Sparking Semi-Sweet

 Pisano, 1807 Moscato 

Semi sweet, Tart & Local                   

Mt Nittany, Riesling                                                      

  Mount Nittany;Semi- Sweet, smooth and refreshing 

 J. Lohr, White Riesling        

apricot and peachy, crisp apple flavors           

Alberto Sanz, Verdejo

dry, fresh and citrus flavors

Villa Soron, Reselling

Soft Sweet, Melon, Lemon, Minerals

Hess Select, Pino Gris

pineapple and citrus flavors

Tapiz, Chardonnay

Delicious sweet fruity flavors

Villa Sorono, Moscato

Fresh & fruity,sweet

Creekside chardonnay

Oak, butterscotch and creamy

Josh, chardonany 

Creme, Marshmello, butterscotch notes

Joel Gott

Honeysuckle and Spices 

J. McClelland, Chardonnay

Pear, White fig, Citrus and Cream



Floral & Delicious 

Juliette La Sangliere, Rose 

Crisp & Fruit Forward

Verdejo Alberto Sanz

Dry, Fresh and Citrus 

Red Wines

Mount Nittany Merlot                               

gentle tannins, soft edges with lush berry flavors       

Seven Mountains Blackberry Merlot     

Full bodied, rich and fruit forward  berry flavor

Lyric, Pinot Noir

cranberry, earthy and slight cherry flavor         

J. Lohr, Merlot               

berry burst, cherry and delightful spices

1985, Malbec

plum burst, Dark Cherry and licorice flavors

Astica, Malbec

pure fruit flavors, juicy berry flavors

Line 39, Pette Sirah 

deep rich berry taste, vanilla and delicious spices 

Tapiz, Malbec

fruity and fresh aroma, spiced blackberry flavors

Tapiz, Cabernet

lush chocolate, dark fruit flavors

Pisano Merlot

Local Rich Blackberry flavors


Cherry & Floral Aroma

Old Mill, Cabernet 

Local, Dry Oak Aroma 

LOLA, cabernet

Black Cherry Cacao with a Toasted oak flavor

Louis Martini, Cabernet 

Black cherry, clove Aroma 

AR Guentato 

Plum, soft and elegant berry burst


House Selections                               Our In House Wine’s are available all day

                                                                                             Happy Hour Price – Half off

For the casual, refreshing, and relaxed glass, these wines stand alone or pair with any dining  experience.

Whites                               Blush                                     Reds

Chardonnay                     White Zinfandel                   Cabernet

Pinot Grigio                                                                       Merlot