Men’s League



Thursday Night Men’s League 


American Division

1st               Shaftmasters                   3-0-1

2nd             Malice a fore thought     2-1-1

3rd              Dude where’s my par      2-2-0

4th             Breakfast on Boal              1-1-2  

5th               Graymont                         0-4-0


1st       Team Adams                           3-0-1

2nd      tie   Ramada                            2-1-1

                     Nittany Brokerage          2-1-1

4th      Sekula                                        1-2-1

5th       Complete Floors                      0-4-0

Top 3 teams in each division make the playoffs!!

PGA Professional:  Jack Brennan, email:

Past Champions

Year League Champion Playoff Champion

1990 First National Bank Rental Uniform Service

1991 First National Bank First National Bank

1992 R.A Bickle Roofing First National Bank

1993 Bell Atlantic R.A Bickle Roofing

1994 DAP Hazel Plumbing

1995 Dix Honda Boalsburg Steakhouse

1996 Hazel Plumbing Boalsburg Steakhouse

1997 Dix Honda Dix Honda

1998 Red Horse Tavern Boalsburg Steakhouse

1999 Boalsburg Steakhouse Dix Honda

2000 Brownies Tavern Dix Honda

2001 Red Horse Tavern Subway

2002 Red Horse Tavern Wells Fargo

2003 Dix Honda Premier Finance

2004 Dix Honda The Diner

2005 Dix Honda Progressive Motors

2006 Dix Honda Dix Honda

2007 Dix Honda Progressive Motors

2008 Dix Honda Dix Honda

2009 Dix Honda Dix Honda

2010 Nardozza Landscaping Lawn Doctor

2011 Wisecrackers Progressive Motors

2012 K&J Machine Shop Nardozza’s Landscaping

2013 Blaise Alexander

2014 Wisecrackers

2015 K&J Machine Shop ties Nardozza’s Landscaping

2016 Blaise Alexander

2017 Blaise Alexander

2018 Graymont

2019 Shaftmasters

2020 Nittany Brokerage

2021 Nittany Brokerage